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I watched a fairly disturbing movie Tuesday in class. It’s called Jesus Camp. I know this shouldn’t surprise me because I’ve witnessed some of the behaviors in this movie first hand, but it does. Let me just clarify that I didn’t actually watch the entire thing, I’ll be doing that in the near future – if I can stomach it. The professor played parts of the movie she felt were especially disturbing, and I can understand why.

Firstly, this movie is about a Pentecoastal group and is focusing on the “Kids on Fire School of Ministry”, and obviously from the name, this focuses on teaching kids. In this movie, and according to Becky Fischer, she likes to grab the kids while they’re young, and I’m talking anywhere from 7-10 years old. These kids are taught through fear of hell and they have dedicated their lives to the church and to Jesus, but these people take it to an extreme level.

Here’s what their website says about them:

The purpose of Kids In Ministry International is to impart vision to children and adults of how God sees children as His partners in ministry worldwide. The purpose is also therefore to teach, train, and equip children to do the work of ministry and release them in their giftings and callings.

It is also to teach, train, and equip adults to minister to children, teaching them how to train and release children into the things of the Spirit and to find an active place in the body of Christ in all areas of ministry. Those areas include evangelism, mission, the gifts of the Spirit, worship, hearing the voice of God, prayer, healing the sick, and more.

These purposes are to be accomplished through a variety of forms including but not limited to curriculum, books, other written materials, seminars, conferences, schools of equipping, crusades, outreaches around the world, tapes, videos, and the internet.

So okay, you’re preaching to your kids, you’re trying to teach them about your religious beliefs and trying to bring them up morally right, that’s all fine and dandy, but when 75% of kids who are home schooled are Evangelicals (as outlined in the movie), I think there’s a problem there. When you’re teaching children as young as 7 that abortion is bad, before they even truly know what sex is, and telling them that abortion is killing babies and that only 1/3 of your friends are with you today because their mommies kill 2/3 of them, I think there’s a problem. When little girls are not allowed to dance or enjoy themselves like most little girls do because they can’t “dance of the flesh” and can only “dance for God”, I think there’s a problem.  When they talk about not wanting to be judged by the public for their beliefs yet turn around and judge everyone else by telling them that their way is the only way and everyone else will burn in hell for their beliefs, I think there’s a problem.

I was watching this movie and these kids were shaking, talking in tounges, and crying because of all the people who are demoralizing “this great nation” by getting an abortion, and it just seemed to me as if this was a form of abuse. These people are forcing their children to grow up ahead of their time and you can see this in how most of these “kids” were acting like little adults, and this bothered me. What happened to trying to maintain your childrens innocence for as long as possible? These kids have been stripped of that at an early age and are learning about death and what their parents consider social wrongs. They’re teaching their girls that they have no right over their own bodies and everything they do they must do for God or else it’s a sin.

Worst of all is that they teach that science is a falsehood, that it’s there only to try to overturn God’s word and their way is the only true way to God. I have such a problem with this frameset because their religion is only a fraction of all religions that exist and they’re not even the ones with the most worshippers.  How can they discredit the other religions in the world by making such blanket statements as “our ways is the only true way.”

These people are raising these children to be “Soldiers for God” and Becky’s reasoning behind this is something along the lines of, “These people in the Middle East are teaching their children to be terrorist and they send them to camps and show them how to use a hand grenade and how to strap on a bomb belt. Well we need to teach our kids to be soldiers too. We need to teach them to be warriors in the name of Jesus Christ.”

To compare the way you are teaching your kids the bible to terrorists says a lot, in my opinion. Not to mention, they’re not taught any differently. What she fails to realize is that the terrorists are grabbing the kids and putting them in camps to be terrorist for all the same reasons these people are fanatically teaching these kids.  They’re turning the kids into terrorists because of religion and all the wrongs they see in the world.  Becky doesn’t mention this little fact in this documentary and I truly think it’s because she’s ignorant of the fact that what she’s doing is a form of terrorism and the same kind of terrorism that caused 9/11 because she’s preaching to these kids a fundamentalist type of Christianity that is just taking every single word in the bible literally and warping them to fit their needs.

These kids are not taught diversity nor tolerance. As a matter of fact, one of the children in the film says, “whenever I’m with someone who isn’t Christian I feel weird.” This is anti-tolerance. This is teaching your kids ignorance. I can understand being proud of your faith and worshipping your God in the way that you’ve been taught and in the way that feels comfortable to you, but to teach that this is the only way and everyone else is going to burn in hell is ridiculous.

Something else that caught my attention in the movie is that this same kid who was talking about he’s weirdness while being around other people who aren’t Christian also said that he’d been saved at 5 and was happy about that and was miserable before he was saved. How can ANYONE truthfully say that they were “saved” at 5? They haven’t truly lived yet! They haven’t been tempted by things other than toys and punching your younger sibling, or maybe the occasional innocent theft of something from the store, but no real big issues. That to me shows me that this child has no clue what life has in store and the only thing he is doing is verbally vomiting what he hears at home.

The mentality of this group is that of a cult. They grab people on the street when they are most vulnerable and preach to them. They say that the only way to God and the only way to salvation is their way and anyone who says differently is heretical and is going to burn in hell, just like they will if they don’t listen to them and start walking the straight path. They grab people like this one woman who’s husband was in the army and had gone off to war, kids, people who have experienced some kind of loss or are at a turning point in their life. They prey on the weak in order to preach to them and “save” them to earn brownie points with God.

What I want to know is why are these people so concerned with everyone else’s salvation and not their own? Why don’t they just worry about their own place in heaven and let me and everyone else worry about their own?  If these people are right and everyone else is wrong about which is the “right” way well to God, at least the rest of us are going to be having a grand ol’ time together in hell because the minority who believe this extreme view of Christianity are just that: the minority.

I found this showing of the movie on Google videos.  Play it when you have some time and see what I’m talking about.  As usual, I love comments, so comment away.




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June 19, 2008 at 11:13 am

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