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Dr. Tiller’s murder

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I am so completely disgusted with this man’s murder because I can not understand the mindset of the deranged lunatics who say that having an abortion is murder, yet actually murdering a life that has been sustained for years is a-ok.  As I was at the gym today, C-SPAN was on the t.v. and they were discussing the murder, along with Judge Sotomayor’s nomination (and her stance on abortion) and the comments that were coming in from the public were mostly on the side of “this guy was murdered and the murderer should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”, but of course there were the typical Fundamentalist wack jobs who fully supported this man’s murder.  One woman in particular came out and said that she felt sorry for his family, not him but his family, and that if we look at the statistics, there’s only been 7 abortion providers murdered as opposed to the millions of babies that have been killed by them.


Are you seriously telling me, that as a Christian, you support someone going out and murdering others?  I thought it wasn’t our job to judge nor seek vengence because God’s vengence is mightier than mans?  Seriously, what is wrong with people?  Would they be ok with the woman who was getting the abortion to die along with the baby she was trying to abort because she could not obtain the abortion and her life was at risk?  Oh wait, she might just be martyred.

Would you like  to pay more money in taxes because that woman who can’t afford to have children got preganat (becuase we all know that abstinance only education works so well) and was forced to have it, forcing her to go on welfare to provide for herself and her newborn?  What about helping this woman out with any financial, mental, emotion, and child care support instead of just forcing her to have a child?

In my opinion, forced pregnancy is just as bad as forced sterilization.  There is no difference between the two, because in the end it is not the woman’s choice about what she wants for her future, instead the choice is placed with the religious minority wing-nuts who believe it is their right to force their morality on a woman who may not share the same views.


Here’s a good article regarding all this regarding Francis Kissling.

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Here is a heartbreaking story of someone who had to use his services, and a list of stories, explaining the reasons why women would seek out such a procedure.


Written by Lissette

June 1, 2009 at 11:38 am

Posted in abortion

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