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To all those who haven’t already…


Women, especially need to get out, need to make their voices heard, and you all need to go vote.  in 2004 22 million women did not vote nationwide in the presidential elections.  That is an astounding number.  22 million! All those votes could have changed the outcome of the election, they could have changed the outcome of the last four years, and we could have been in a much better place right now if those 22 million women had just gone out to vote.  It’s not much of a popular vote, if the full population does not vote.  Most importantly, like the commercial says, your life, your health, and your future does depend on it, so just do it.  Yes, the lines are long, the weather may be bad, the kids may be annoying you, whatever the case may be, imagine what you will have to suffer through for the next 4 years if you don’t speak your mind, if you don’t vote, the minute annoyances you will suffer through a couple of hours waiting in line is nothing in comparison to the 4 years of really bad policy decisions we may have to suffer through if another bad presidential choice is made.

I hate to hound people, really I do, but this is such and important thing that I just can’t let it slide.  I can’t not hound, because like women’s rights, and everything that falls under that title (including racial and sexual liberties), women fought long and hard and suffered unimaginable things in order so that YOU could have the right to vote just like white and black men.  Not voting is like disgracing all their hard work, and the blood, sweat, and tears that went into YOU having your right to vote, so just do it.  Honor your ancestors, honor yourself, honor your future and make sure your voice is heard.


Written by Lissette

November 4, 2008 at 1:14 pm

Posted in Everything Else

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