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Genocide Awareness Project on our campus

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I am so incredibly tired today, emotionally, physically, and in every which way I could possibly tell you.  On our campus for the past two days we have had people from the [WARNING POSSIBLE TRIGGER!!!] Center for Bio-Ethical Reform on our campus as part of their Genocide Awareness Project.  These people are so completely ignorant and so extreme in their beliefs, it was mentally draining that they would even attempt to engage me.  As secretary for our NOW campus chapter, I was there all day today and for an hour yesterday protesting them being there with a lot of other people.  Let me give you the bulk of extremely ignorant things that were said to me.

Firstly, I had a woman actually say to me, “You know, because some women provoke rape, and then get an abortion.”  Great.  Here’s an older woman actually using the age old tactic of punish/blame the victim for something that was done to her.  I immediately told her I could no longer speak with her if she was actually going to propose that women ask to be raped.  I couldn’t engage this.  Afterwards, one of “those people” actually engaged me in a battle of the mind on how life begins at conception, to which I told him that was not my belief, but then asked him what was his position on birth control.  The answer I received was “birth control is against my moral beliefs.”  Ok Mr. Intelligent pro-lifer, then how do you propose we stop abortions?  His answer: “don’t have sex.  Sex education is like a green light for kids to have sex.”  So, abortion is bad, birth control bad, and we need to go against human nature so that we don’t offend your morals???!!


I’m drained.  I was part of a panel afterwards with the director of the Women’s Studies department on campus where we wanted to discuss what these people were saying, the lies they were spreading, the warped theologies, and the fact that they were in a high traffic area in our school when this was extremely offensive to several students and faculty as well.  Not to mention where they were on campus was right near the children’s learning center where children younger than 4 (I think) are.  So not only are these people imposing their views on the student body, faculty, staff, and administrators, but they are also sucking children into it and saying things like, “Well maybe they shouldn’t walk by here then.”  THIS IS OUR CAMPUS!!  It’s that child’s right to be able to walk around the campus with their parent or teacher and not have to ask questions about all the dead bodies on GIANT billboards!

Below I’ve placed some pictures of their so called “exhibition”.  Also notice the one with the supposed “Free Speech Board” that was not about free speech because one of the College Republicans (who invited these people on our campus by the way) was going around and crossing out pro-choice messages and adding things like “MURDERER!” next to or over it, so how is that free speech?

The thing that pissed me off even more is that they asked my very wonderful and intelligent black friend how she would feel about being lynched, because lynching and abortion are the same thing.  After she told me this I wanted to deck these people because that was over the line.  That was spreading hate speech in order to get their point across and that was unnecessary.  That was there to instill fear in her and that pisses me off?  They forget that women are not property.  Women can not be told what to do with their bodies.  Womens’ bodies are their own, not their fathers, husbands, or male relatives.  It’s theirs and theirs alone and their entire concept is that the fetus’ life is more important than the womans.

What gets me is the fact that they were on our campus 4 days before election day, in a traditionally red state, and on a college campus when it’s a big given that the young vote will be the deciding factor in this election, so please someone talk me down and tell me it wasn’t politically politically motivated.


Written by Lissette

October 30, 2008 at 9:59 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Wow, what ignorant people. You are patient to interact at all – I really hope you questioning them helped, though.


    November 10, 2008 at 11:10 pm

  2. Provoke rape indeed. Lynching?

    Infuriating. In the above comment I meant to express my admiration for your attempts, you never know, you might have gotten through. People need to be asked to question their stupid assumptions and behaviors.


    November 10, 2008 at 11:13 pm

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