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Obama Rally

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Let me tell you about the amazing day I had yesterday.  I went to the Obama rally held here in Miami at Bicentennial Park.  Firstly, to get there I decided to take the Metrorail.  Holy Cow were there people at the people mover to get from the train to the park!  It was so bad security was only allowing a certain amount of people on the platform at a time, so I walked the 1.2 miles it takes to get there from the train.  I get there and there’s a two hour wait just to get past the security checkpoints.  The crowd was the best though.  Everyone was so loving, so accepting, and there was such a postive vibe amongst everyone that it felt great (unlike what you see on the news at the McCain/Palin rally’s).  I get past security just in time to hear Bob Graham introducing Michelle.  She got up and introduced Barrack and was so eloquent and so wonderful (crappy little video from my little camera to come, as soon as I get it uploaded onto YouTube).  Then Obama…

This rally and this awesome man has restored my faith in humanity just a little more, which is something I lost a long time ago (just drive through Miami and you’ll see what I mean).  What a wonderful experience it was, and one that I hope everyone has the chance to experience at least once in their life.  To be able to hear the man or woman with whom inspires you the way Obama inspires me was such a rewarding experience.  I have faith that he will earn the office, not win it, because it’s not about winning.  He truly deserves it and he’s worked hard enough, has shown an incredible amount of dedication and intelligence to deserve it.  I can’t wait for Novemeber 4th.


Written by Lissette

October 22, 2008 at 10:55 am

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