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My Thoughts on the Current State of the Election

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I really need to get myself into the habit of posting more.  It’s been really crazy in my part of the world, so you’re going to have to excuse me.  School is leading me to pull my hair out, it’s so hectic.

Enough about me though.  I’m having some serious issues with everything going on lately with the McCain/Palin camp that I just have to voice it.

Firstly, debate 3.

Did anyone catch this?

Did anyone catch McCain’s snide remark about the *air quotes* “health” of a women??  Does women’s health not matter to McCain?  I mean this is the same guy who was responsible for calling his wife a trollop and a cunt at a party for making a comment in passing about his thinning hair.

And how about this one?

Did you catch it?  In case you didn’t, here’s the direct quote:

“I would consider anyone in their qualifications, I do not believe that someone who has supported Roe v. Wade that would be part of those qualifications, but I certainly would not impose a litmus test.”

So, he wouldn’t impose a litmust test, but clearly anyone who supports Roe v. Wade is certainly not qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice under McCain’s rule.


I was dumbfounded and numb after this comment.  He claims he’s a Federalist and that this decision should be up to the states.  I call bullshit.  Again, this goes back to the cunt/trollop comment.  If he’s capable of calling his wife a cunt and a trollop, he clearly has no respect for women, therefore he must be (in my opinion) among those in society who believes that women are incapable of making this decision for themselves.  They’re clearly incapable of making this decision with the advice of their family, their doctors, and/or whomever else they decide to seek advice from.  They clearly are just running to the abortion clinic to have the fetus taken out of them without putting any thought into it at all.

…And women’s brains are smaller than mens, therefore we’re incapable of reasoning…

I don’t know what annoys me more, McCains snide comments or Palin calling herself a feminist.

Now, I want to imply my own analysis here regarding McCain’s behavior as of late.  Has anyone else noticed the tantrum he’s throwing?  I surely have, and I have to wonder how much of that has to do with his privileged status?  I have to wonder how much of this hate spewing his been tossing around in his rally’s lately have to do with the fact that he felt he was entitled to the presidency because of this privilege?  And what truly bothers me, and what I still truly feel, is that this man chose a woman for the vice presidency in an attempt to get all of the Hilary supporters to vote for him, even though Palin doesn’t come near Hilary on the issues, what she stands for, and as a true feminist.  He chose the most anti-woman running mate he could which is a slap in the face to all women who truly supported Hilary because of her issues, not just her gender.  I feel as if he really thought women would naturally gravitate towards him because of this and just close our eyes and say “YAY A WOMAN!” without truly looking into where she stands.

I am still highly sickened by this man and the more he speaks, the more confident I feel with my choice to vote for Obama.

Quick Edit: I just saw this over at Feministing and felt I had to share, especially since I live in a swing state that usually gets elections all wrong; Florida, need I say more?  Warning, possible trigger.


Written by Lissette

October 17, 2008 at 11:21 am

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