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For anyone who watched the Sarah Palin speech last night, I would like to say that I am truly pissed off. I feel more and more that these people just don’t get it, that they just seem as if they are so out of touch with reality and what life is truly like for real people like me. Her attack on community organizers was just wrong, because her running mate may be a war hero and he may have been imprisoned and torchered overseas, but the truth of the matter is that you don’t need to go overseas to fight a war, because there is one being waged right here on our soil. There are women being raped and beaten at an alarming rate, there is gang violence, drug use, and many other kinds of horrible things happening right here on American soil. These are the things that Obama has been fighting against as a “community organizer”, so if you really want to look at things from a war perspective, Obama is a war hero as well since he’s been through the trenches of our opressed and depressed communities and he’s tried to bring them back to life and tried to raise these people from the ashes.

Here is this woman, who is so anti-woman that I have to wonder if she’s even proud of being a woman, and she’s flinging mud in the faces of those who fight for the little guy, when the truth is that she’s got more skeletons in her closet than I care to think about. I’m hearing things like, pot use, was part of an organization that was trying to cecede Alaska from the United States, a pregnant teenage daughter (aka evidence that abstinence only education does not work), claims that she didn’t support the “bridge to no where” when the truth is that she did support it, used public funds to bail husband out of jail, is using public funds now with her lawsuit on her abuse of power to get her ex-brother in law fired as a state trooper. I means is there anything that I’m missing here?

She claims to believe in a lot of things, and she claims to be a part of the superior party who’s going to bring about “change” in a way that Obama is incapable of because of his experience, but from what I’ve seen in Obama’s past is that he is capable of the change he’s speaking of, and what I see from McCain is someone who has followed Bush on every single issue, and who has voted with Bush 95% of the time.  I call that a lemming.  He will follow Bush off that cliff when he decides to jump.  This is not the man I want running this country, and I would hope that others see what I’m seeing.

UPDATE:  I just found this great Palin Fact-Checking site.  Check it out and see how much of what she actually said was true.


Written by Lissette

September 4, 2008 at 9:56 am

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