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Katrina rememberance

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With Gustav on it’s way to New Orleans you can’t help but think fo the irony that Katrin hit 3 years ago yesterday and the devastation of which the people went through because of this storm.  And of course, let’s not forget the lack of response from our prestigious President Bush.  Think Progress has a great timeline illustrating President Bush’s priorities when it comes to the people of this country.

Having been through Hurricane Andrew in 1992, I know what it’s like to live through something devastating.  I know the noise the wind makes as it howls through the house, and the way the pressure moves all the closed doors in the house as if there’s a ghost on the other side trying to get out.  What I don’t know is about having to sit in your attic to get away from the rising flood waters.  Dead strewn about the city.  The conditions these people had to endure, nobody should.  Granted I had to deal with rising sewer waters, rats, and other such pests, but not to the extent they did.  I don’t think anybody could ever know what they went through without actually going through it yourself, and for the President of our country to act as if he did not care, and acted as if he cared more because there was a direct threat to him by terrorist then an act of God shows to me that he only cares about his own interests.  This also tells me why he actually went into the middle east to invade Iraq.  It’s because they hit his pride and it was never about the people who perished in the towers.

I’m concerned about Gustav and the readiness of the people in this area.  I’m concerned that they have not rebuilt to the point where they can withstand another big hurricane of the magnitude of Katrina and my thoughts are with them.


Written by Lissette

August 30, 2008 at 12:52 pm

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