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Happy Anniversary Amendment 19!

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So how did I celebrate this historic day?  I voted!  I voted in the Florida primaries, and I vote for all the causes I believe in.  I make sure to use my right to vote because women fought long and hard to make sure I was given this right, and I will not stand idly by and allow someone else speak for me when they might speak wrongly, because only I know my true intentions, and only I know my true beliefs.  No one, even those who claim to know me the best can truly say that they know the true me, nor could they claim they know what I see for my future.  Therefore, I exercise my right to vote.

How else did I celebrate?  I exercised my right to an education.  I spend all day in class and becoming an educated woman, which is something my ancestors were not allowed.  My mother was too busy working trying to support me and did not have time for an education, especially since my father was going to school.  My grandmother uprooted her family from Cuba and brought them here to this country because of the promise of freedom and the hope for the future that defines America.  She came from an extremely patriarchal country, with a patriarchal husband who fully believed that a woman’s place was in the home raising the children and taking care of him.  I love my grandfather very much, but we differed severely in these views, and my grandmother simply conformed to her husbands demands.

Finally, I celebrated by watching the speeches given by the many women Senators during the democratic national convention and I watched as many of my dreams for my future and my childrens future were spoken about and idealized on the stage in Colorado.  I’m jealous of all the women who were able to attend, particularly my friend Stephanie who will one day help change the world, whether she knows it or not.  She has had a great leader in her grandmother Evelyn who I have admittedly butt heads with, but for all the wrong reasons and have come to truly idealize as a woman who is not afriad to speak her mind and speak the truth, and all with a southern charm I wish would rub off onto me.

So to Amendment 19 I say Happy Anniversary and I would like to thank all the women who worked so incredibly hard to make sure that I have this right, and the women, like myself, who are continually fighting to make sure that our daughters and grandaughters have a better life.  Thank you.


Written by Lissette

August 26, 2008 at 11:26 pm

Posted in Equal rights, Politics

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