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Ojectification & Violence Takes Another Life

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From the Sun Sentinel:

PLANTATION – During a visit to the neighborhood Winn-Dixie, Olidia Kerr Day caught the eye of a man working in the meat department.

He lavished her with compliments, told her she was beautiful. It was awkward, but she thought he was nice, Day later told her grown son and two daughters. [emphasis mine]

“He told her the first time they met that they had known each other in a past life,” said Day’s son, Edward Kerr, 24.


Recent interviews reveal how Cevallos deftly wedged his way into Day’s life — and wouldn’t take no for an answer.


Day rushed out of the house and past Sosa [her boyfriend], who was outside the garage. She screamed that Cevallos had a gun, Sosa told police.

Day then jumped into her 2002 Honda Accord and sped around the corner. Cevallos followed in his 1998 Toyota Corolla. Sosa drove after them.

Both Day and Sosa called 911 from their cell phones. Day screamed to two 911 operators: “He’s going to kill me, man!” [emphasis mine]

She quickly reached the parking lot of the police station at Northwest Fourth Avenue and 70th Terrace, about a mile from her home. Cevallos rammed the back of her car and Day jumped out, barefoot and screaming.

Cevallos shot her from behind, and she fell steps from the station entrance.

Officer Amy Wetzel, 28, ran outside. She fired at Cevallos but missed.

Cevallos shot Day once more before putting the gun to his head and pulling the trigger.

This one is close to home. This poor woman was stalked by this man from the meat department at her local Winn-Dixie and was killed by this man in front of a police station.  What I don’t understand fully from this is what happened with the 911 calls? Why did they have to call twice to let 911 operators know what was going on?  Did the operators not believe that something this serious was going on?

From this article it seems that her niceness was her eventual undoing because although this man was coming on to her and making her feel uncomfortable, she said she felt he was a “nice man” and even allowed him in her house to help her fix the plumbing in the house.

In my opinion, this is a good example of how women who are taught to “be nice” can lead to their eventual demise because it’s more important to “be nice” than to be safe. Some women are taught that it’s a worse offense to be rude to someone than to be safe and I personally have found myself falling into this trap when I felt I was in a situation that was not entirely safe for me. Thankfully nothing ever happened, but the point is something could have.  


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July 1, 2008 at 10:35 am

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  1. A letter from the Family:

    Good Morning everyone, as you know my sister Olidia Kerr Day was brutally murdered April 25, 2008; in front of the Plantation Police Department where she went for help after a man took her out of her house at gun point. My sister Olidia pleaded and begged with the 911 operator for over 3 minutes asking for someone to help her and intercept her and letting them know that she was on her way to the police station. Olidia never got that help. The 911 operator never dispatched the call that would have alerted the police at the Plantation police department instead the operator asked her frivolous that wasted precious time.

    We are taught from a very young age to dial 911 for help and then as we get older we are taught that every second counts in saving a life, if that is so, then Olidia did everything she could to save herself and no one was listening to her we feel she was let down.

    As a result of my sister Olidias murder ABC 20/20 has decided to do a show about her and the lack of training for 911 operators across the country. This 20/20 episode will air Friday September 19, 2008. ABC 20/20 will have the details of her murder and investigation or lack thereof; they have also reenacted the murder using my sister’s actual car. I am asking that you please forward this email to everyone you know so they too can see it. The purpose for the interview is to bring awareness; we don’t want this to happen to any other family. This man not only killed my sister, he has brought havoc to our whole family, my mother has had 2 heart surgeries since my sister Olidia was murdered. It is unbearable to hear her cry and to see my family in such pain. My sisters are all dealing with either physical or emotional problems and Olidias children will never be the same, as much as we try to be there for them, they have brutally lost their mother and feel a great sense of loss.

    If knowledge is Power, then this 20/20 episode will help to bring awareness so that the way 911 operators are trained can change. Their needs to be different protocol for a call about a burglary, or a call where a woman is telling you she was taken out of her house at gun point and the man following her is shooting at her.

    Because this happened at the police station there was video of Olidias murder and we saw my sister being killed, I saw her fall, I heard her cries for help not being answered, I heard her scream as she fell to the floor, and I know this can happen to anyone but I never want anyone else to live through such a senseless loss. Please help me in spreading the word so that no one else should ever have to suffer like this wondering what if.

    20/20 chose to show case Olidias murder because this scene has played out across the country over and over again. We must all work to ensure change in the way 911 operators are trained and how they respond to calls. If a police officer would have been outside waiting for her it may or may not have saved her life but we will never get a chance to find out. Please help us spread this information so that no one else has to live with this horrific pain.

    Thank you

    Maria Williams

    Debbie Barnes

    September 16, 2008 at 9:29 am

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