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I was talking to my boyfriend about this yesterday, and I really don’t have an answer to this, so I figured I’d put the question out there and see if I’d get a response.  

During the Civil Rights era of the 60’s all I ever heard about in history classes was about all the black vs. white issues, but I wonder, were there any conflicts with Latins too?  Is there anywhere that I could find information on how Latins dealt with this time period? 

I ask this because I know a lot of Cubans fled from Castro’s regime in the early 60’s.  My family left in 66, and I’ve never heard about how people who were fleeing from Latin countries and landed her were treated in this country.  I know there was a lot of bad talking and bashing, but was there any violence against these people?


EDIT:  From what I can gather from this website and from others like it, it appears that Latins had their own part to play in the civil rights movement, mainly from the Mexicans than any other group, and it seems that the Cubans just came and took over Miami for the most part with very little conflict from the white people who were already here, but I’m going to have to ask some of the older white people I know around town that were around when the Cubans started swarming the place and ask them what happened, how they were received, and what kind of conflicts, if any, occurred.  Stay tuned…. 



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May 28, 2008 at 2:15 pm

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  1. According to a piece by Juan Williams at the Washington Post:

    “Until now Hispanics have not been a political force or a major factor in national discussions of civil rights, though they have become the nation’s largest minority…One big reason Hispanic power has been slow in maturing is that most Hispanics do not identify themselves as such. Their group reference has tended to be to homelands — Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic. And of course there are racial differences, especially between black and white Hispanics.”

    Having said that, I do believe that there were marches and protests during the 60’s by and for the Latino community, but based more around regional issues rather than national ones. I feel like I should know more about this… I hope you’ll do a follow-up post and share whatever you learn!

    la pobre habladora

    May 28, 2008 at 5:22 pm

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