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Big To-Do going on!

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Looks like there’s a big “to-do” going on with the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting this Saturday.  It appears that a couple organizations, mainly the Florida Demands Representation group and the Hillary Responders are organizing a rally whereas they will be busing people up to Washington D.C. starting tomorrow to rally the delegates to count Florida’s and Michigan’s votes.

Here’s my take on this: the democrats shot themselves in the foot early on.  This whole decision to not count Florida’s and Michigan’s votes was flat out stupid.  Not to mention the reason Florida gave for changing their date was the stupidest reason of all.  This wonderful state said early on that it wanted to stay out of the elections limelight so it wanted to hold it’s elections earlier.  Good job Florida!  You sure stayed out of the limelight!

Personally, I want my vote counted.  Not because I want Hillary to win, but most importantly because it should.  I went out of my way, knowing full well that my vote was not going to be counted to vote because I think that no matter whether it’s going to be counted or not, I should.  I’ve been given this right, there were several women before me who fought long and hard to make sure I would be able to vote and that my vote would be counted, and I feel that even now it should be.

I can’t make it to this rally, although I really wish I could and from what I’ve seen, I haven’t heard of any rally’s going on down here in Florida, so I’m going to say my piece here and hopefully others will follow suit.






Written by Lissette

May 28, 2008 at 8:28 pm

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