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Welcome to my very first!

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As my very first post here, I would like to blog about big issues, but in truth I may ramble on a bit because my thoughts and emotions concerning women’s current state of affairs is really jumbled up a bit. Let me start with a little background on myself I guess so that maybe you all can understand where it is that I’m coming from.

I’m 31. I’ve been married and divorced. I’m currently living with a wonderful man and I am helping to raise his child full-time. He has full custody. I’m still in college trying to finish my Bachelor’s. My goal for my education was to become an architect, but that apparently wasn’t in my future. I decided not too long ago that I needed to change my major, so after some research and a lot of soul searching, I decided to change to a Liberal Arts major. “Why in the world would I want that for?!” That’s the question I’ve gotten from everyone. Nobody seems to understand what a degree in Liberal Arts is about. In my opinion, it’s about thinking. Critical, analytic, deep, soul searching thinking, and I do that anyways on a day to day basis, so why the hell not get a degree in that. It’s about learning a little of everything and specializing yourself in what you want. In the process of this I’m currently taking an Intro. to Women’s Studies class, and let me tell you, I’ve found an inner roar that I knew existed on some level, but it’s becoming louder and louder as I take this class. I’ve all but made up my mind to do a double major with Women’s Studies so I can fine tune this roar that’s developing in me.

So for now, this is me.

My purpose for this blog, as I wrote in the “About” page is to vent and rant and stir debates about current hot social issues. Issues pertaining to gender rights, reproductive rights, how mass media is affecting young women’s self image, and what have you. So I’m going to say welcome, and please contribute as a good debate about social issues is what starts change, if not in society but in individuals. If we could get enough individuals to start thinking about what is wrong in society, then we can create true change within society, and that’s what I’m hoping we can all achieve.


Written by Lissette

May 25, 2008 at 8:28 pm

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